Founder Michael Duiker loves Sunglasses.

His passion started out by bringing bags of cheaper pairs home from overseas trips and wearing a different pair each day, then saving up and buying expensive pairs which led him to deciding he would research about how they are made and what a quality pair of sunglasses should cost.

Fast forward to the infamous year 2020

...and BRIGHT SOCIETY was born.

Why? Well partly because Michael couldn’t find high quality glasses at affordable prices in the styles he desired.

After careful research into manufacturers, designers and branding teams, Bright Society began. Offering high quality Sunglasses and Blue Light Blocking glassing in a variety of frames; from classic styles to on-trend designs.

We are proud to share that all of our products are constructed using the highest quality materials at affordable prices!

Each pair of glasses is sold with a quality, stylish case as well as peace of mind that they won’t fail (as we know some cheap glasses do!).

We offer the styles you WANT, with the functionality and quality you NEED - without breaking the bank!

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Who said you can't shop and give back at the same time?

What Michael is most proud of, is giving back.

Through his travels to Indonesia where his passion for collecting sunglasses began, he learned of the poverty that affects the villages that don’t receive things that we take for granted in every day life.

That’s why part of every sale (5% in fact) of EVERY PAIR of BRIGHT SOCIETY glasses goes directly to a foundation to help fight the cataract issue within villages in Indonesia.

We’re here to make a difference!

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