Giving Back

The Indonesian Cataracts Issue

Every minute one Indonesian loses there sight. Estimates put the figure that all of Asia has a 50% blindness rate caused by cataracts.

For Indonesia, the figure is upwards of 90%. Making cataract cases the second worst cause of blindness behind Ethiopia. Early detection or screening for refractory disorders in children is essential. If not diagnosed and treated early, these conditions can effect learning, intelligence and also the process of taking in information.

Corrective surgery in Indonesia is estimated to be around 5million + IDR (Indonesian rupiah) $400 AUD.
Therefore these surgeries are beyond the realms for the common people.

We at Bright Society will pledge 5% of every sale we make to go to a foundation that supports healthy eyes for Indonesians in need of desperate eye care.

We firmly believe in supporting and helping those who need it the most. Making a positive difference in people’s lives is a core value we stand by. Not only do we want to provide beautiful glasses, we want to be able to help those less fortunate have access to the things we should all have.

Join us in the fight simply by sporting a pair of Bright Society sunglasses.

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